GRC is a customer acquisition (telemarketing) firm specializing in assisting companies with the generation and scheduling of customer appointments. We focus purely on the B2B (‚business to business‘) customer acquisition space, as opposed to the sale of the product or service involved. Our motto is quality before quantity – We are not a  mass service provider.

  • Individuality:
 Our telemarketing strategy is tailored specifically to your needs, and is therefore unique.
  • Flexibility:
 GRC does not have a static sales model. Thus, we can adapt quickly to emerging developments.
  • Continuity: This is the key to our success. Reliable sales staff, whose motto „one face to the customer”, combined with persistence, enable us to generate effective and meaningful appointments.
  • Communication: Good and efficient communication with you, enabling us to execute the best possible telemarketing route and to leverage to maximum effect all existing potential.
  • Personnel: Perfectly trained sales staff, who identify with your company, and its products and services, are the bedrock of our company.